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How Do I Know If My Loved Ones Have Xanax Abuses

Are you worried about potential illicit drug use of a loved one? Physical symptoms are the easiest to identify. Be on the lookout for sluggishness, vertigo, impaired motor function, slurred speech, or weakness.

Behavioral signs are common as well. A Xanax user fighting an addiction will likely experience mood swings coming off of a high. They may act irrationally or unusually irritable. Any big changes in behavior should be acknowledged.

If your loved one is secretive or suddenly antisocial, they may be struggling with abuse. Poor financial management is also a sign. Cryptic requests for money may be a sign. If that person starts associating with other known drug users, seek help.

If your loved one has more than one run-in with the law for any variety of reasons, they may be struggling with drug addiction.

In an attempt to encourage faster uptake, a Xanax user may snort or crush the medication. Empty pill bottles, a mortar, and pestle, or other tools may indicate Xanax abuse. These are unhealthy ways to consume the medication. An individual with a Xanax addiction is likely to be very tired. Xanax may be taken in combination with another illicit drug or alcohol. This may lead to additional symptoms. Alertness and response time will almost certainly be affected.

 Xanax addictions, like any addictions, can lead to feelings of isolation. Your loved one may feel alone, or like drugs are the only solace. Xanax addiction is very dangerous and can lead to death. There are other options.

At the Center for Combating Xanax Abuse, we are committed to helping you get your loved one on the road to recovery. This is likely to be a very trying time in their life. Alongside our expert program advisors and medical team, your love and support will be crucial.

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