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Why Do People Start to Abuse Xanax

Drug abuse is a serious issue across the world. It most often leads to medical issues or addictions, which can ruin lives.

Drug addiction is considered in all regards to be a severe disease. Dependence can be physical or mental. Drugs change the way the brain works, making it hard for someone to quit, even if they want to. Despite the harmful consequences, most people make a choice to take drugs.

With Xanax, most users begin with a legally prescribed dose for their anxiety or panic disorder. Reports indicate that three percent of patients prescribed Xanax abused their medications. There are a number of reasons why a regular Xanax prescription can lead to addiction.

The Prescription Is Taken For Too Long

Studies show that taking alprazolam continuously for more than three months can lead to addiction. Over time, the body adapts to the presence of the drug in the system. When deprived of the drug, the effects of addiction take hold.

The Prescription “Stops Working”

For many Xanax users, the drug will seem to “stop working” over time. As the body starts to build up a tolerance to the medicine, the effects on mood become less. To compensate for this, users might start taking their prescription more often. Tweaking this dosage can have a huge impact on the brain and behavior. This is the most common source of abuse.

The Prescription Is Taken In Combination With Other Drugs

Xanax is highly interactive. This means that it can boost the effects of other drugs or allow the user to experience new effects. Especially when combined with Alcohol, Xanax pills can be highly addictive.

Substance Use Disorder Or Tendency For Dependence

Though not very common, if a Xanax user has a genetic or personal history of dependence, they may be more likely to abuse the medication. This can quickly feed into addiction.

Xanax is often abused because of the peace of mind and serenity it brings. Besides the obvious decrease in anxiety for which the medication is intended, many people abuse Xanax for the pleasurable effects. These pleasurable effects include detachment, numbness, and physical high.

Most commonly Xanax is abused by people taking it outside of prescription. Non-script medication shared at parties or clubs is often taken at doses far above the accepted amount.

This quick and sudden influx to the brain causes addiction at a much faster rate. Xanax is also often abused due to how quickly it acts. With effects taking hold in just under an hour, Xanax is one of the fastest acting anti-anxiety drugs.

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